Writing Plugins


The plugin API is still preliminary: expect changes!

Additional activity and macro types can be added to stressor by the way of plugins.

For example let’s assume we need a new activity PsAlloc that is used like so:

- activity: PsAlloc
  allocate_mb: 1024
  per_session: true

This can be implemented by a separate installable Python module, that exposes a special entry point:

# Plugins are found by the 'stressor.plugins' namespace.
# The 'register()' function is then called by the plugin loader.
# The 'ps' name is used as stressor entry point name name.
# The actual name of activities and macros is defined by the implementing
# classes.
stressor.plugins =
    ps = stressor_ps:register

See the sample implementation for implemntation details.

The new plugin will become available by installing it:

$ pip install stressor-ps


Please let’s reserve the namespace stressor-TASKNAME for ‘official’ extensions.
If you publish your own custom extension on PyPI, choose a name like stressor-USER-TASKNAME or similar.

Also add ‘stressor-plugin’ to the keywords, to make it more discoverable.