stressor is a tool, that runs a sequence of activities in one or more parallel sessions.
The most common use case is to run a test script with HTTP commands against a web server, simulating a bunch of parallel user sessions.
As a result we get metrics about reponse times, failures, resource usage, etc.


The stressor.run_manager.RunManager

  • Run manager

  • Session manager

  • Config manager

Class Overview#

Activities & Macros#

Inheritance diagram of stressor.plugins.base, stressor.plugins.common, stressor.plugins.http_activities, stressor.plugins.script_activities

Standard Stressor Activities and Macros#

Session Runner#

Inheritance diagram of stressor.run_manager, stressor.context_stack, stressor.session_manager, stressor.config_manager, stressor.statistic_manager

Session Runner#