1. Install stressor (details)

  2. Create a new scenario folder. For example:

    $ stressor init ./scenario_1

    or alternatively import an existing HAR file as a starting point (details):

    $ stressor init ./scenario_1 --convert /path/to/output.har
  3. Edit the scripts as needed (users.yaml, main_sequence.yaml, scenario.yaml) (details)

  4. Run the script:

    $ stressor run ./scenario_1/scenario.yaml

    Use the --monitor argument to view the progress in a separate window: Also, scenario.yaml is the default, so we can omitt it and only pass the folder name:

    $ stressor run scenario_1 --monitor

    Use the --log argument to write output to a file or folder:

    $ stressor run ./scenario_1/scenario.yaml --no-color --log .

    (Hit Ctrl+C to stop.)