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Stress-test your web app.

Version:0.5, Date: Sep 21, 2021


Stressor has currently beta status.

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  • Run a sequence of activities in one or more parallel sessions.
  • Can be used for testing, benchmarking, load testing, or to generate test data.
  • The most common use case is to run a test script with HTTP commands against a web server, simulating a bunch of parallel user sessions.
  • A monitor GUI is available to view live progress of running sesssions.
  • Comes with prebuilt activities for HTTP-request and more, but can be extended by custom activity-plugins.
  • This is a command line tool that runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows…
  • … and a library for use in custom Python projects.


Releases are hosted on PyPI and can be installed using pipenv (Python 3.5+ is required)

$ pipenv shell
(stressor) $ pipenv install stressor --upgrade
(stressor) $ stressor --version -v
(stressor) $ stressor --help
(stressor) $ stressor init ./scenario_1
(stressor) $ stressor run ./scenario_1/scenario.yaml